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Drawing a watercolor caricatures custom from idea scenario image of individuals. Watercolor cartoon custom gift by any joyous occasion. How can you choose CARTOON OR Sharjah?
 Cartoon means when the person to be depicted razkrivyava in varying degrees and detail, retaining its essential character and line image provided.
 Sharjah means when the face of the image is not very razkrivyava, in caricature and retains more of portrait features provided by the photograph and focus more on the details of the idea or script illustration.

Prices for 1 person depicted in the classic "Watercolor Flowers" by theme (idea and script) is 150 lev (frameless) and 170 lev (included wooden frame with anti-reflective glass). For each additional person painted in cartoon and caricature price is 50 lev, more persons are negotiable. For large numbers of persons depicted in the illustration, the price formed individually according to complexity and time limits for implementation.

Terms and Conditions for drawing order!

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Ivelin Vlaykov leading UX / UI / IxD Designer and Fine Artist situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm so glad to have gained and have the opportunity to share an Experience with greatest designers, developers and artist with whom I had the honor to create real miracles products that people use and love. 

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I have graduated high school with specialty Designer in Rousse. My higher education is BA in Veliko Turnovo University, majoring in Art and Design and Pedagogy. I have had a first prizes as a student of international workshops and art festivals. I was working like Artist and Photographed in USA. My paintings are in various collections around the world. I love to paint abstract art, draw illustrations, art portraits, cartoons and caricatures telling stories Facebook.com/KarikaturaiSharjove. I am Founder and participate in startup projects that are personal passion in a combination of design, art, decoration and renovation at Art Villa Orlova Chuka and  Sunrise Art Gallery. I had the opportunity to be part of the creative teams to create animations and movies in Nu Image Bulgaria cinema center Boyana, such as 2D, VFX and CGI. I've made Digital Designs GUI, working for several advertising design and marketing agencies. Background width online and printed Product Designer for the benefit of various businesses models, Brands and Organizations. Best in class like to solve problems with design and creative thinking for an international software company developing mobile systems and solution oriented applications SaaS, B2B, B2C, such UX / UI Designer. I have the opportunity to work with professionals performing small and large projects spanning all global channels of representation and communication with end customers, both online and offline visual design.

#HUIX - //Human User Interface Experience It's difficult to summarize everything in work process behind every successful Agile software development and improve your problem solving skills for Business Success.

Last but not least my experience in designing for 11+ years, which I continually enrich, want to be shared. You can watch a video from my lecture User Experience Workshop, which took place at the Software University of this Video

If you have Creative & Art IDEAS, I can implement them happen with interaction design. I am open to new challenges for all industries as creativity problem-solving design thinking. Please drop me a line Send a message

"Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein


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SAYHi Ivelin Vlaykov - art illustrator and visual designer (Creative Director)

Ivelin Vlaykov - art illustrator and visual designer (Creative Director)

Contacts for questions and orders of contemporary digital design: +359 899 504 756 mail@ivelinvlaykov.com

Share your interesting IDEA for Design Visualization. Write your question for a consultation about your Brand Design, Products, or Starting Ideas for Organization / Company. Together, we can design Identity Design and Develop Design Prototypes for testing with users and key potential customers.

Ivelin Vlaykov - art illustrator and visual designer (Creative Director)